Neeco‘s Global Alliance Program gives you the power to create a lucrative new revenue stream for your business. All business partners gain the right to sell and support Neeco products. These products are the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and high performance solutions available in the IT industry today.

Enter our global network of partners. Becoming a Neeco Partner will help you to increase your competitiveness and convert more leads and clients. Neeco‘s Global Alliance gives you and your business profitability and the power to enhance growth.

Benefits for business partners:

  • Attractive purchase price of products with interesting business margins
  • Convenient financing (including the possibility of flexible financing)
  • Product configurators
  • Product training and education
  • Technical support for solutions
  • Marketing support for solutions
  • Global reach
  • Free access to the Global Alliance Portal
  • Increased partnership also means Supplier Exclusivity:  a higher level of partnership gives you exclusivity on projects in your area.
  • Supporting documents for marketing campaigns (photos of products, graphic bases, etc., …)
  • E-news updates
  • Extended Support Hours (24/7 Support Hotline)
  • Access to internal Neeco ProTrack system
  • Local and global presence (more than 160 countries worldwide)
  • Single point of contact
  • Neeco turnkey solutions available instantly for your customers
  • „White Label“ Operations


Participation levels include Member, Premium and Elite. You can move up the Partner World levels by demonstrating success and earning points by proving your knowledge (professional skills), by the amount of turnover with Neeco, creating „case studies“, achieving high customer satisfaction scores, or publishing client references.


The Member partnership level is the first step required to emerge with Neeco. This level requires a minimal commitment: simply complete a Partner Due Diligence, sign an NDA document, and accept the Global Partner agreement. There is no charge to join our Global Alliance Portal. In return, you will be a part of the Neeco Global Business Family and you will have access to a comprehensive set of benefits.


  • Full portfolio of Neeco services and know-how
  • There is no charge to join our partner structure
  • Technical support and porting assistance
  • Extended Support Hours (24/7 Support Hotline)
  • Access to internal Neeco ProTrack system
  • Local and global presence (more than 160 countries worldwide)
  • Single point of contact
  • Neeco turnkey solutions available instantly for your customers
  • „White Label“ Operations


Partners at the Premium level have demonstrated a high level of skill and market success. This level also participates on high level of professional engagement.


  • All benefits from Member level
  • Technical support
  • Marketing support and training discounts on our products
  • Free access to the Partner Portal
  • Financial benefits
  • Increased partnership also secures Supplier Exclusivity on projects in your area.


At the highest level of partnership, Elite Partners have demonstrated superior skills and market success. They actively collaborate with Neeco to deliver significant value.


  • All benefits from Member and Premium levels
  • Favorable conditions for training support on our products
  • Attractive prices for products and interesting margins
  • Motivating rewards and other benefits, depending on your focus as a business partner


Neeco‘s Global Alliance is seeking the best and most reliable partners throughout the world, with solid teams and experience in their industry.

Whether you are looking for a service partner to assist your product strategy anywhere in the world, or an extended field service capability, Neeco‘s Global Alliance can be the right partner to help you develop your business and achieve your goals.

We are looking for professional partners of following company types:

Field Technician Providers

Companies who employ professional, reliable, high-performing IT engineers of various skill levels including:

  • L0 Engineers able to perform basic technical activities such as rack & stack, running cables, labelling, patching, moving of devices, etc.
  • L1 Engineers able to perform basic CPE installations on site while being guided remotely through required steps, or using pre-defined Work Packs including step-by-step guidance.
  • L2 Engineers who have the ability to independently install network devices, and perform standard troubleshooting steps to identify network problems.
  • L3 Engineers, Consultants and Trainers with expertise in designing data networks, independent deployment of complex projects, and performing advanced troubleshooting.

Hardware and Software Distributors and Resellers

Top-tier suppliers of IT hardware and software, with necessary vendor-based certifications and robust relationships with technology vendors, including distributors of:

  • Routing and Switching products
  • Infrastructure and Networking Software
  • Servers and Storage Products
  • Unified Communications
  • Security
  • Cloud solutions
  • IoT solutions
  • Consumer electronics
  • Office Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software Manufacturers

Leading as well as emerging technology vendors, with solid products, relevant certifications in target markets, and proven market share/ revenue streams.

For emerging vendors, we look specifically for products falling within the following criteria:

  • Products that are unique and potentially disruptive to the market
  • Products that are scalable
  • Products that are defensible

Maintenance Solutions Providers

Providers of IT Maintenance covering a range of services relevant to post-implementation support of IT and networking hardware and software, including:

  • Hardware replacement solutions
  • On-site support and troubleshooting
  • Warehousing and spare parts management
  • Remote support and remote monitoring

Maintenance services providers should operate a 24x7 Service Desk, offering some (or all) of the following TTS (Time to Site) or TTR (Time to Resolve) SLAs (Service Level Agreements):

  • 24x7x2
  • 24x7x4
  • 8x5x4
  • 8x5xNBD
  • Best Effort

Connectivity Providers

Connectivity providers offering cost-effective, business-grade connectivity of various contract terms, utilizing the following technologies:

  • 3G / 4G Mobile connectivity
  • Satellite connectivity
  • Broadband access
  • Dedicated internet access

Warehousing, Logistics, and Customs Services Providers

Logistics and 3PL companies providing efficient movement of freight, supply chain, warehousing, and coordination services. We also look for organizations and individuals with strong local expertise who understand diverse Customs regulations, supporting fast and efficient shipment clearing.


Strong Local Insight

We are looking for partners with strong local insight to help us exploit the knowledge of local environments in order to achieve the following business goals:

  • Deliver services and solutions within local markets in the shortest delivery times, cost-effectively, and at the highest level of quality
  • Identify key local decision makers and authorities to connect and work with
  • Identify important local events and initiatives where Neeco and our Partners can participate
  • Explore local business leads and opportunities, and answer them with appropriate services and solutions
  • Connect with the best local partners and subject matter experts to drive growth and enhance the tools and abilities of Neeco’s Global Alliance

Technical and Approach Excellence

We honor those Partners who achieve extraordinary results and contribute to the next-generation technologies we deliver to our Customers. We highly value talent, leadership, and technology and execution excellence. The excellent technical approach of our Partners illustrates a commitment to support emerging technologies with state-of-the-art delivery architecture, fostering growth and superior business performance for our Customers.

Competitive Cooperation Conditions

We highly value Partners that present extra effort in terms of bilateral collaboration strategy and its conditions. Examples of such initiatives include helping to boost common productivity and competitiveness, a timely approach, enthusiastic cooperation of stakeholders, efforts to isolate and improve any issues, cost effectivity, and overall service quality.


Be a Supplier

Our Clients expect the highest quality of service from Neeco, and to achieve this we enter into partnership agreements whenever appropriate. Our supply channel strategy is geared towards building relationships with the best suppliers in the areas of sustainability, compliance, quality, on-time delivery, and total cost. Through these collaborations, we are better able to:

  • Meet the needs of our Clients in terms of global project delivery
  • Develop innovative solutions based on new ways of thinking and diverse points of view
  • Address the infrastructure needs of an expanding world community

At Neeco we always strive to select Suppliers who share our values, our commitment to uncompromising quality, and our passion for delighting our Clients. Companies and individuals that supply the high-quality goods and services used by Neeco and its Clients will demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Previous experience and past performance with the product or service to be purchased
  • Ability to meet current and potential capacity requirements, and do so on the desired delivery schedule
  • A partnership approach making every effort to provide the best service possible
  • Strong service and clear communication
  • Technical support availability and willingness to participate as a partner in developing and optimizing design and a long-term relationship
  • Relative level of sophistication of the quality system, including meeting regulatory requirements or mandated quality system registration
  • Financial stability
  • Total cost of dealing with the Supplier (including material cost, communications methods, inventory requirements and incoming verification required)

Whether you are a system integrator offering professional services or a vendor of specialized products or services, we’d like to connect with you and explore opportunities for working together.

Expand your product portfolio and geographical coverage

Rapid decline in legacy services, together with conservative spending by organizations for traditional in-house IT solutions, have put significant pressure on ICT service providers to quickly implement new strategic, next generation services. As customers prefer complex, unified solutions, delivered seamlessly across many countries and regions, there is a growing need for portfolio expansion to truly capitalize on enterprise market growth opportunities.

By implementing Neeco’s services into Partner’s product portfolios, we help to accelerate sales and delivery cycles to get the most from the current shift towards centralized, next generation services.

To ensure that a Partner’s image is unified and consistent, we offer White Labelling of solutions delivered by Neeco. With the right services offered to the end user, we can help to forge a powerful brand presence in remote markets for our Partners.

Be a Reseller of Emerging products and technologies

Neeco is always looking for great opportunities arising from introductions of new, disruptive, or innovative products and technologies. Our team carefully selects the best products that have an ability to expand quickly, generate excellent sales margins, and introduce additional strategic values for our Partners.

We invite our Partners to participate on products that sell towards markets and customers of their interest. Neeco supports such initiatives with a broad selection of programs and services, from financing, education, training, and business development resources to marketing services and pre- and post-sale technical assistance.

Let us distribute your great products

Do you have a great product or service you know Customers will love, and other Alliance Partners will benefit from? We are always keen to learn about the solutions our Partners have, and offer them to other Alliance Partners and Customers, or possibly integrate them as a strategic product into the Neeco product portfolio.

Utilizing Global Alliance partnerships can significantly reduce the sales costs and accelerate growth in new markets, utilizing the synergies between Partners.

Utilize ready-made Channel Structure designed for Technology Vendors

If you are a manufacturer of rock star products, looking for an efficient, motivated, fully managed distribution channel that will provide your business with coverage and support of a wide market and an additional source of revenue, then Neeco is the answer. Specifically for technology vendors, we have created a state-of-art, ready-made channel partner structure. Through that approach we are immediately able to promote, sell, distribute, and support products to more than 160 countries worldwide.

Neeco has an existing channel partner structure with necessary functions to support technology manufacturers, including:

  • Distributors
  • Resellers and Dealers

Having a functional channel partner structure in place, we can immediately support any of following requirements:

  • Help with GTM (Go-to-Market) strategy, distribution, and support plans
  • Help with product promotion and active selling through Global Alliance members
  • Providing warehousing, logistics and customs clearance support to deliver products to End Customers
  • Installing and integrating products at End Customers’ sites
  • Providing technical support (L1-L3) to End Customer
  • Supporting products and providing warranty services (including SLA-based maintenance)
  • Providing multi-language, multichannel 24x7 Help Desk and Service Desk support for End Customers
  • Offering a wide range of additional services such as financing, technical support, etc.


Neeco provides early stage capital and advice for entrepreneurs around the globe. Our mission is to provide startup financial support and business mentoring in order to increase your company’s likelihood of success to the maximum extent possible.

We seek extraordinary founders with product vision, a sharp focus on execution, and unlimited ambition who want to build high growth companies.


We invest in a wide range of market sectors, with a focus on Information Technology, Telecom, Consumer Products and Services, Hardware and Software, Mobile and Wireless, Green Technologies, and Healthy Lives.


We focus on seed and early stage investments.


We are not primarily focused on any specific region, so we invite companies from any part of the world to apply for funding.


The Company should be seeking $200K to $1.5M in equity financing. Neeco will also consider debt financing with an equity component (i.e. convertible debt or debt with warrants).


Neeco isn’t just a source of capital; it brings top-notch mentorship and personal networks as well. Once invested, Neeco members want to bring any personal or professional resources to bear in the startup in order to increase its likelihood of success. Neeco members also often sit on a company’s Board of Directors or Advisory Board.

Target Company

We seek extraordinary founders with product vision, a sharp focus on execution, and unlimited ambition who want to build high-growth companies. The Company must have an extremely capable management team, some "proof of concept" revenue, and a working prototype/product in beta stage with clear market validation (pilot, inputs from Clients/ potential Clients etc.).

Contact email


The Neeco Global Alliance gives you everything your business needs

That means more money, happier customers and unlimited opportunity



Neeco Global Alliance (NGA) Partner Referral Program provides generous rewards in return for referring sales opportunities to NGA, and Neeco as whole. If you are not a formal NGA member, you can still participate in the Referral Program. Also, this might be just another way of engaging with NGA, while becoming a member of our Neeco Global Alliance partnership platform.

The Benefits of Working with Neeco and Neeco Global Alliance

Working with us is very simple. Do not worry about fees, long-term agreements and other requirements. Just fill out a form to register a qualified sales opportunity. As an incentive, if the qualified opportunity actually closes, we offer 10% of the first-year revenue from this opportunity.

Key Requirements:

  • Facilitation of the first meeting between NGA Account Managers with the prospects that have communicated their interest in NGA products and solutions
    • You as a Referral Partner should be able to connect through our Account Managers with the right contacts at the prospective company (IT Administrators, IT Directors, Active Directory Managers, IT Managers)
  • The prospective company should be fit for Neeco based on one of the following criteria:
    • The company is interested in telecom solutions
    • The company is interested in telecom solutions
    • The company requires assistance with any form of end user support
    • The company would like to build on any kind of advanced services offered by Neeco (such as cybersecurity, mobility, business video and collaboration)
    • The prospective company has a need for flexible financing and ownership options
    • The company is interested in logistics, warehousing and staging
    • The prospective organization would like to be informed about the NGA product portfolio, or intend to offer their product solutions, not limited to only software or hardware
    • The company is looking for a strategic consultancy services regarding the ICT field
  • Opportunity is brand new or inactive over a year
  • All registered opportunities are validated by our NGA Account Management Representative

Neeco Global Alliance Partner Referral Program

The process of referring a new opportunity:

  • Provide full contact details (name, phone number, physical and electronic address) of the specific person at the prospective company
  • Submit the details via online Referral Registration form
  • Our Account Management Team will contact you within two or three days
  • If the registered referral meets the conditions listed above, you will receive 10% of the first year’s revenue value

Please be prepared to work with us by phone or e-mail to facilitate a personal or an online meeting with the prospect.

Terms and conditions:

  • The referral opportunity must meet the requirements of the NGA qualified opportunity as defined above and confirmed as a result of the initial meeting.
  • The registered opportunity must close within one year of the referral date
  • The referral partner gets 10% of the first invoicing of the revenue, with a maximum pay-out of $2,000.00. The 10% incentive payment will be connected to the initial customer billing, not to exceed one-year value.
  • Payment will be made upon receipt of payment from the prospective company.
  • Referrals are not geographically limited.


Contact Us To learn more about becoming a Neeco Global Alliance Member, email us at

HEADQUARTERS PHONE: +44 203 290 99 09, USA +1 646 652 651, ASIA +85 281 241 224

EMAIL: emailemail

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